MAXSAR® is a complex of polyphenolic compounds from the wood of Maackia amurensis and contains isoflavonoids, pterocarpans, monomeric and dimeric trance-stilbenes.

MAXSAR has hepatoprotective and choleretic action as well as contributes to the normalization of the decayed liver histoarchtectonics (the number of died off hepatocytes decreases, the protein and fatty dystrophy of parenchyma is corrected).

MAXSAR inhibits the reactions of peroxide oxidations of lipids; improves respiratory function of mitochondrions; stabilizes membrane of lyzosomes, and inhibits the elimination of necrosogenic hydrolases, as well as stimulates processes of oxidation and conjugation of xenobiotics, conjugation of bilirubin with glucuronic acid; enhances excretory liver function; reduces hyperenzymemia.

MAXSAR promotes the reductionof subjective symptoms at chronic viral and alcoholic hepatitis.
MAXSAR also weakens aggregation of thrombocytes, reduces blood coagulation, and enhances antiaggregative activity of a vascular wall at the conditions of ovariectomy in the experiments on animals. These properties open possibilities of new medical application of MAXSAR against a female climacteric syndrome.

Acute and chronic hepatitis; hepatic cirrhosis, fatty hepatosis; cholestasia syndrome.

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