Laboratory of Microbial Metabolites Chemistry

Head of laboratory
Anton Yurchenko, Ph.D.

Research staff
Olesya†Zhuravleva (Junior researcher), Galina†Oleynikova (Researcher), Elena Leshchenko (Junior researcher),†Lyubov†Belikova (Engineer)

Main scientific directions
Researches in field of marine bioorganic chemistry (natural compounds from marine microorganisms). The goal of our research is obtaining new fundamental data about marine microorganisms those produce biologically active compounds; about chemical structure, biological activity and ecological function of natural low-molecular bioregulators.

Main results
The screening of biologically active compounds in more than 3000 marine isolates of bacteria and 1500 marine-derived fungi was conducted. It was found that marine microorganisms can be promising producers of antibiotics, antitumor and surface-active substances, cytotoxins and inhibitors of some enzymes. For last 10 years our researchers isolated from marine bacteria and fungi more than 140 metabolites, about 70 from that were new.

It was shown that some strains of marine bacteria genus Pseudoalteromonas are producers of structurally novel brominated cyclic peptides with cytotoxic and antioxidant activity.