Laboratory of Biotechnology

Head of the Laboratory
Vyacheslav Mahankov, Ph.D.

Key research areas:
Development of technologies for obtaining biologically active substances from oceanic raw materials for the creation of new drugs, therapeutic and prophylactic agents and functional foods. Study of the biological activity and mechanism of action of natural compounds and their synthetic analogues in vivo in order to create new biologically active additives and medicines based on them.

Main results:
The laboratory's developments include a wide range of medicines, substances, dietary supplements, food products, including the broad-spectrum wound healing agent Collagenase KK, preparations under the brand name Histochrome® with cardioprotective and ophthalmic effects, therapeutic and prophylactic antidote drugs Zosterin and drinks of the Vita group, a series of balms "Herbamarin", a series of nutritional supplements "Golden Horn", fructose syrup with sea urchin extract "Timarin", protein hydrolysates for medical and baby food.

As a result of the research carried out within the framework of the program "Exploratory fundamental scientific research for the development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation", promising biologically active substances for practical use in the Arctic have been identified. Compounds with cardioprotective and antioxidant activity, influencing thermogenesis, and protecting against the harmful effects of UV radiation were selected. Based on these biologically active substances and their combinations, promising functional food products have been created that have been tested in the Arctic regions of the Russian Federation. Technologies have been developed for obtaining new antihypoxic drugs necessary for the population and working personnel in the zones of development of the Arctic shelf, high mountains and other territories depleted of oxygen.