Laboratory of Marine Biochemistry

Head of the Laboratory
Marina Isaeva, Ph.D.

Key research areas:
Study of the properties, mechanism of action and specificity, as well as the mechanisms of regulation of the biosynthesis of enzymes of nucleic metabolism (DNase, RNase, phosphatase) of marine organisms in order to elucidate their biological function, as well as the possibility of their use in genetic engineering, biotechnology and medicine.

The study of the primary structure of unique enzymes and proteins, including glycoprotein lectins from marine invertebrates and microorganisms, and the production of recombinant proteins based on recombinant DNA technologies using the latest advances in genetic engineering, carrying out a full cycle of work: from choosing a strategy for cloning an individual gene and its chemical enzymatic synthesis to the development of methods for isolating, purifying and testing the target protein. The main efforts are focused on the use of prokaryotic producer strains.