Group of Study Biologically Active Supplements

The head, D.Sci. Alexander Popov

Marine organisms and terrestrial plants are a rich source of biologically active substances (BAS), having a broad spectrum of medical and biological activities. One of the main challenges is to determine the composition of the active substances and their mechanisms of action to yield the most likely receptors as molecular targets at the cellular level, to determine the spectrum of their pharmacological activity, and to identify possible side effects at the organism level. The solution to this problem allows the most efficient and best way to apply these active substances in the combination of biologically active food additives (BAAs) for the purpose of preventing the onset of pathological processes in the organism. Moreover, in the case of pathological processes in the organism, such supplements can be used as a means for additional treatment.
The main goals:
Study of the spectrum to biological activity and mechanism of the action of the different natural compounds for the purpose development on their base of the therapeutic agents and BAAs.

Highlights and perspectives:

Search and development on the basis of biologically active substances, isolated from marine organisms and terrestrial herbs, new effective remedies and BAAs, using experimental models of various human pathologies.

Lab staff:

Olga Krivoshapko (researcher, Ph.D), Julia Shtoda (laboratory assistant).